Hello, I’m Dawn, the owner and designer behind alba marie designs, your source for stylish and spiritually meaningful Christian wedding invitations with an elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

Dawn, Owner of alba marie designs

Born and raised a Jersey girl, I have since lived in a variety of places, but spent approximately 10 years living in Italy, where I developed my love for elegant design – the Italians definitely know a thing or two! 🙂 I currently live in the gorgeous city of Savannah, Georgia, which oozes historic charm. What can I say? I am truly passionate about surrounding myself with beautiful things.

The historic charm of beautiful Savannah, Georgia
The historic charm of beautiful Savannah, Georgia, my current home.

I was raised Roman Catholic, but I am a believer in all forms of Christianity – the important thing to me is trying to live according to Jesus’s beautiful message of love, compassion and kindness in the New Testament. The Bible is a daily source of inspiration, and it gives me great pleasure to share the word of God in my designs.

I am a self-taught graphic designer. My academic degrees are a B.A. in History and International Studies and an M.A. in History, and I worked as an Italian>English translator for 20 years, but design has always been my passion. I developed my skills in this area over the past few decades while helping a variety of businesses with their design needs. The first such business was my brother’s video production company. I designed his website and some of his marketing materials. Next, I designed my own website and marketing materials when I opened my own business, Sweet Girls Cookie Delivery. Eventually, I had to close that business to care for my aging mom, but I continued to work part-time, designing marketing materials for an online ballet fitness company. When my mom’s health took a turn for the worse, I had to give up even doing that work, but I knew I needed a creative outlet, and that’s when I began my work designing on Zazzle.com. I loved how I could fit design into spare moments, creating inspiring, beautiful products that brought joy into my day during a difficult time.

I particularly loved doing my wedding designs, which began to take off almost immediately. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly difficult to find elegant wedding invitations with Christian imagery and wording although there is great demand for it. It is my pleasure to fill in this gap in the market. I love to share my love for Jesus and God with young couples just starting out on the beautiful pathway to Christian marriage.

I am the mother of four, beautiful, homeschooled children who are my greatest blessing. They fill my life with so much happiness. Actually, I have five children, if you include my sweet little Chinese Crested, Sapphire, who faithfully sits next to me as I design my creations.

I am blessed with four, beautiful children. Here we are at my son’s First Communion at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Savannah.
Here is a photo of my pup Sapphire “chillaxing”. She has one blue eye and one brown!

I hope you will enjoy looking around at my designs in my Zazzle shops: alba marie weddings, alba marie babies and alba marie designs. If you need me to create custom products just for you, please reach out to me at admin@albamarie.com or contact me through my website. I’d be happy to help!